BREAKING: Twitter Temporarily Locks Account of American Priority President Over Link About Dominion Voting Systems Backers (DETAILS INSIDE)

Well Well Well, what do we have here America. Twitter has suspended the President of one of America’s largest conservative organizations over a link that he shared that spoke about the backers of Dominion Voting Systems. You can’t even make this up anymore.

I received a text message from Alex Phillips, President of American Priority just a few moments ago that read “That was my last tweet” and “I have no idea what this is about.”

Here are the screen shots of his 12 hours suspension.

Now why would Big Tech be censoring an article about the fact that Staple Street Capital owns Dominion Voting Systems? The article in question that we will link below also talks about a huge political background involved.

Dominion software as we have reported is used in 28 states, including all of the battleground states or swing states in question.

Now the real question is, why doesn’t Big Tech and the Mainstream Media want Americans to know, or to look into who owns Dominion, the software that’s in question from Trump Attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell?

We’re not going to go into details, But you can read the following from our friends at GNEWS.

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Daria Greene
Daria Greene
1 year ago

I was locked out for 12 hours a few days ago and am now locked out for 7 days for replying to a poster @PeleueSalu that words skanky and pansy will also get you suspended. Poster said creampuff will get you 12 hours, they just came out of lockout. Instantly after submitting my post, I got lockout message. 7 days. I appealed Twitter is doing this to way more than before. They are so obvious now.

Daria Greene
Daria Greene
1 year ago

Also look what they’re doing to @realddonaldtrump acct. Way less likes, rts and always tagging posts as disputed. Where is Congress? They all caved to this hostile takeover. Someone needs to really FIGHT this. Get with it people this is truly life and death of our freedom.