BREAKING: Twitter Suspends Independent News Group ZERO HEDGE

The world of conservative censorship is out of control once again as tech giant Twitter has suspended the independent media group Zero Hedge.

Twitter has suspended the independent news outlet Zero Hedge. The publication, which enjoyed a following of over 673,000 followers on Twitter, was unceremoniously nuked from the social media platform following its report that the origins of the deadly coronavirus (2019-nCoV) may have a man-made origin, in addition to reports that the Chinese government may be suppressing the total number of people infected by the deadly illness that is sweeping throughout Wuhan.

According to the pseudonymous Zero Hedge writer, Tyler Durden, mainstream media outlets have been pushing back against the story by pointing fingers at Zero Hedge for covering the topic that has received widespread attention on social media due to the postings of Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding and Dr. Anand Ranganathan, who highlighted studies noting the coronavirus’ strange properties. 

Given Twitter’s lack of transparency in suspending, it cannot be confirmed if Zero Hedge’s new articles and the subsequent backlash from websites like Politifact contributed to the social media’s decision to ban it, or if it was taken down by mass reports. Twitter quietly implemented a new report function that allows U.S.-based users to report tweets for being “misleading about a political election.” 

Twitter recently added a new complaint button where people triggered by an article, whether it be true or theory, can be reported. This is more than likely what happened as our own Matt Couch tweeted about earlier in the evening.

You can read more from our friends at The Post Millennial.

What are your thoughts on Twitter censoring media outlets they don’t agree with?

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