BREAKING: Twitter Locks Account of American Priority President Over Sharing Video of BLATANT Voter Fraud of Navy Ballots in Georgia

Twitter has locked the account of American Priority founder Alex Phillips account over his sharing of a video of U.S. Navy soldiers ballots being found in a dumpster.

That’s right, share a video of our troops overseas having their votes thrown away, and the Stalinists over at Twitter will lock your accounts.

Here’s the Tweet in question.

Here’s the video in question that Twitter dinged Phillips account on.

We reached out to the President of American Priority and this is what he said to us.

“About the time President Trump was asking where his military ballots are in Georgia I ran across this tweet. It seemed very credible so I thought I would share it with the President.”

Apparently that wasn’t a good idea, as Big Tech is working overtime to steal this election for former Vice President Joe Biden.

This is a developing story.

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[…] Georgia, a video seems to show thousands of navy ballots being found in nearby dumpsters with no explanation as to […]

Cindy K lewis
Cindy K lewis
1 year ago

Mother Fu’ers. If they think it’s going to be peace out they are in for a rude slap.45 let the Jeannie put of the bottle on coruption, gread, egoism. TY P. Trump the Jeannie ain’t going back into the bottle. No matter the out come we are changed.

Barbara Oliver
Barbara Oliver
1 year ago

Hiw do we know these are military ballots and that this dumpster is even in GA? A little provable context is necessary if we’re going to be able to fight against the election stealers.