BREAKING: Texas “Republican” Consultant & ‘Ballot Chaser’ ILLEGALLY Pressures Voter to Change Vote to Dem Candidate with Gift per Project Veritas

This is absolutely unbelievable what we’re seeing as Project Veritas continues to unload with bomb after bomb this October.

Now on video a “Republican” consultant and ‘ballot chaser’ has ILLEGALLY pressured a voter to change their vote to a Democrat candidate with a gift.

James O’Keefe, Veritas founder made the following tweet below.

TX “Republican” consultant & ‘Ballot Chaser’ ILLEGALLY pressures voter to change vote to Dem candidate with GIFT!

“If I go to prison, I do not look cute in stripes…I will hate you forever.”

“You know on here you chose a Rep, not a Dem right?”



This is unbelievable and highly illegal, in fact it’s a felony. Share this far and wide America, we must get the truth out.

This is a developing story, more to come.

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