BREAKING: Steve Bannon Sentenced to FOUR MONTHS in D.C. Federal Court Friday Morning, Released by Judge and Will Not Serve Sentence Before His Appeal is Resolved

In the shenanigans of the Deep State, only conservatives feel the arm of justice in liberal America, and that hammer has fell on Trump ally and Conservative freedom fighter Steven K Bannon today.

Former President Donald Trump’s former strategist and War Room general Steve Bannon was sentenced to four months in federal prison, and was also required to pay a $6,500 fine by Judge Carl J. Nichols, a Trump appointee.

“Respect for Congress is of course an important piece of our Constitutional system,” U.S. District Judge Carl J. Nichols, a Trump appointee, noted, also imposing a $6,500 fine.

The judge also said that Bannon is released, and will not have to serve any jail time until his appeal has been heard and received.

The weaponized and liberalized Department of Justice ran by radical leftist Attorney General Merrick Garland went in Friday seeking a six month prison sentence for former Trump top adviser and War Room general Steve Bannon.

Bannon according to the Department of Justice should pay a whopping $200,000 fine and serve six months in prison for refusing to comply with a Congressional subpoena from the House select committee investigating the ridiculous Jan 6 incident that won’t away.

Bannon’s attorneys argued that their client was following the rule of law, the United States Constitution, if you will.

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“There is nothing to deter. There is nothing here to punish.” Bannon’s attorney Schoen argued before Judge Nichols in D.C. Federal Court. Nichols was appointed by President Trump, it’s good to note that as well. Bannon’s attorneys argued that their client was adhering to his understanding of what the Constitution required, Schoen says.

However the Justice Department, wanting to make an example out of Bannon, argued that Bannon didn’t respect them, make no mistake about it, this was a vengeful attack by the DOJ from someone who refuses to kiss their ass, and constantly questions their motives.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney argued “Throughout, he has acted as if he is above the law. He is not.” That principle should apply, he says, to those convicted of crimes “regardless of their means, regardless of their station, regardless of the influence of their friends.”

Bannon’s attorney Schoen argues the point that Steve’s behavior should be encouraged to stand up for what’s right, and that’s what read to this ridiculous criminal conviction.

Judge Nichols interrupts. Q: What if Mr. Costello and Mr. Bannon had produced nonprivileged documents?

He adds: Q: Today, no nonprivileged documents have been produced?

A: Correct, let me explain that—

Schoen: “I’ve said before that this kind of situation […] where a defendant acts on principle, reasonable, valid principle,” he doesn’t deserve punishment.

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Schoen: “The message to the public was: Executive privilege is important. I must honor it. […] not that he’s above the law.”

Bannon’s lawyers go on to accuse the DOJ of obtaining records illegally and lying to the federal judge.

Schoen accuses a government lawyer of having “lied, flat out lied, to get Mr. Costello’s telephone records,” referring to Bannon’s other lawyer. “That’s a lie to a federal judge. That demeans the integrity of this process.”

Schoen repeats himself branding the Jan. 6 Committee as having a “partisan political agenda.” He says “speaking the truth” about the “illegitimate” committee is an “obligation.”

Schoen, responding to the government’s memo saying there’s no “greater contempt” than Bannon’s: “A more egregious contempt of Congress would have been: ‘Screw you, Congress! Take your subpoena, and shove it!'”

Schoen concludes.

Nichols gives Bannon an opportunity to speak.

Bannon: “My lawyers have spoken for me your honor.”

Short recess before sentence is imposed.

Each count of contempt of Congress is punishable by between 30 days to one year in prison and a fine ranging between $100 to $100,000.

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