BREAKING: State Department Orders Evacuation of U.S. Embassy and Diplomats Family Members from Ukraine

It’s happening, thanks to the idiots that voted for Joe Biden. We’re not even going to try to sugar coat what’s happening here.

The United States State Department has ordered the evacuation of all U.S. Embassy and Diplomats families from the Ukraine.

The State Department also urged US Citizens in the Ukraine to consider departing. In a statement there were reports that Russia is planning a significant military action against Ukraine.

Russia has denied the claims it is planning to invade Ukraine.

Russia has moved 100,000 troops near the border with the Ukraine in the last couple of weeks.

The Kremlin has seized Ukrainian territory before, and now with a weak and feeble Joe Biden as President, Putin and these monsters look like they’re ready to take the entire Ukraine back. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 under an Obama presidency and the United States did nothing.

The country of country overthrew their pro-Moscow President in 2014 which lead to the Russian invasion.

This is your daily reminder that there were ZERO wars under President Donald J. Trump. America wins via strength and resolve.

This is what happens when you have weak and cowardly leaders who are beholden to Russian and China in power like we do right now with the Democrats.

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