BREAKING: San Francisco Issues 3-WEEK LOCKDOWN, Residents Banned from Leaving Homes After Midnight Tuesday

Curvews and Lockdowns are coming out left and right, state by state, city by city now as the Coronavirus outbreak hits the U.S.

San Francsisco Mayor London Breed is about to announce a lockdown that will last until April 7th.

People will not be allowed to leave home after midnight on Tuesday for anything but doctors visits or grocery store shops.

Six counties in the wider bay area have told residents to ‘shelter in place’ for all non-essential travel.

The following is from the Mayor of San Francisco via The Daily Mail:

San Francisco’s mayor has announced an unprecedented three week lockdown that will begin on Tuesday at midnight and which bans anyone from leaving their home for anything other than doctor’s visits or trips to the supermarket. 

‘This is going to be a defining moment for our city.” 

‘We all have a responsibility to do our part to protect our neighbors and slow the spread of this virus by staying at home unless it is absolutely essential to go outside,’ she said. 

You can read more from our friends at The Daily Mail.

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3 years ago

According to CDC, there are 369 cases in Kalifornia. Well… i guess one can has to expect an insane reaction from a city so out out of it’s mind that that they most basic of societal norms that you don’t sh*t where you eat. As for me, i still don’t know anyone with the virus, nor do any of they know anyone with it. I remember back a few months when Bill Mahr said that they only way they’d beat Trump is if the economy collapsed. Then in December and January there was that push by quite a few Democrat… Read more »