BREAKING REPORT! Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Signs Election Integrity Bill Will REQUIRE VOTER ID to vote by Mail

Massive news coming out of the Peach State on your Thursday evening! Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has signed a sweeping omnibus bill on voting elections, SB 202, on Thursday.

The bill expands early voting for most counties and requires identification to vote by mail. More controversial provisions would change the structure of the State Elections Board.

The at-times complicated and controversial 95-page bill changes when, where, and what is needed for Georgians to vote.

It also changes the makeup for the board that oversees voting. Its impact may both expand some aspects of voting, complicate others, and even contract other forms of casting a ballot.

The state Senate agreed to slight changes to the Republican-backed bill by a vote of 34-20 in a Thursday session.

The Georgia legislative session is set to end March 31, meaning this bill could the only major election-related legislation passed this session.

This is a massive victory for all of us who’ve been fighting for election integrity across America this last year.

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1 year ago

Good thing Kemp stood up for election integrity in 2020!!! No wait Kemp signed off on election fraud which is Treason!!!

No repercussions for this action on this side of life!!! Kemp is more Judas, willing to sell his soul for China money apparently!!!