BREAKING: Putin Declares WAR as Explosions Rock Every Major Ukrainian City Including Capital of Kyiv

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared War on the Ukraine on Wednesday declared WAR on the Ukraine ending weeks of talks and diplomatic stalemate and purging Eastern Europe into a nightmare of rabid violence and bloodshed.

We haven’t seen anything like this since World War II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Wednesday night, ending weeks of diplomatic stalemate and plunging Eastern Europe into a nightmare of violence and bloodshed not seen since the darkest days of World War II. 

Nearly every major city in the Ukraine was under attack and the publishing of this article as you can see on the map below.

Putin announced that Russia is undertaking a “special military operation” claiming his goal was to demilitarize the country. Putin’s goal is now to take the entire Ukraine.

Explosions could be heard around Kyiv as Russian forces were spotted moving into Ukraine at – despite repeated claims by the Kremlin that their troops would not encroach on Ukrainian territory.

The invasion follows frantic diplomatic efforts by the US and its Western allies to find a middle ground with Moscow after rejecting the Kremlin’s insistence that Ukraine be kept out of NATO, as well as that the alliance draw back its forces from Eastern Europe and not deploy missile systems inside Ukraine.

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Barry Black
Barry Black
1 year ago

And now here comes the CCP with military flying into Taiwanese air space.