BREAKING: President Trump Is Planning To Fire Another Batch Of Obama Holdovers

According to sources at RealClearNews, President Trump is planning to fire a handful of Inspector General’s who were appointed by former President Barack Obama, and replace them with his own appointments. During a briefing, Trump confirmed he has “put in 7 names” for the possible replacements in the future.

Check out what Susan Crabtree tweeted below:

“Trump is firing 7 IGs in one fail swoop, sources confirm to @RealClearNews. Most likely will be the IGs that were appointed by Pres. Obama or beforehand. He wants his own people in those positions now. Trump during his briefing said he has “put in 7 names” for IGs.”

Although the exact number of watchdogs who are going to be fired is unconfirmed, sources say it will likely be near 6 or 7 individuals.

“Unclear whether the number will be 6 or 7 bc the 7 Trump mentioned cld include Brian Miller, senior White House associate counsel, as special inspector general for pandemic recovery at the Treasury Department. Trump appointed Miller to the special IG post last Friday.”

President Trump has made several moves to clean out the intelligence community this month, and the firing of these Inspector General’s from former President Obama will be a significant step forward in cleaning out the swamp.

Last week, President Trump fired Inspector General Michael Atkison, who handled the Ukraine whistleblower complaint, leading to accusations of corruption from Democrats. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi even flirted with the idea of creating a House panel to oversee coronavirus funding and investigate President Trump’s response to the coronavirus, which they claimed would also have the power to subpoena him.

While attempting to control the billions of dollars in federal funding from the coronavirus stimulus bill, Nancy Pelosi said she intended to appoint House majority whip James Clyburn, who was just caught saying the coronavirus would be a ‘tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,’ to oversee the entire committee.

However, in an attempt to avert the massive power grab from Democrats, President Trump appointed Brian Miller to a new position in the government as an Inspector General, to oversee and ensure that billions of dollars of coronavirus funding will be going where they need to be going.

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[…] BREAKING: President Trump Is Planning To Fire Another Batch Of Obama Holdovers […]