BREAKING: President Trump DEMANDS Houses of Worship Open By Sunday!

During his live press conference moments ago, President Trump devastated the liberal media by announcing that places of worship have now been deemed ESSENTIAL. The President says they need to open IMMEDIATELY!

After the left demanded churches be shut down, they clamored for weed shops and abortion clinics to stay open.

Now, President Trump is taking a strong stance for the people of faith in our country!

“Some governors have deemed liquor stores & abortion clinics essential, but have left out churches … it’s not right. So I am correcting this injustice & am calling houses of worship essential. I call upon governors to allow churches & places of worship to open right now”

The President says if they do not open, he will overrule the Governors and take action against them. Shots have finally been fired!

The media and the left is about to have a complete meltdown. Meanwhile people can pile into Walmart’s, Target’s, Walgreens, Coscto, Sam’s Club, Kroger’s, and on and on we go. It’s time to open America, and the President is exactly right!

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Johnny Andrew
Johnny Andrew
1 year ago

Trump was really smart to shut the USA down on unsubstantiated by listening to the creepy daygo Faux FAUCI.
Big Deal to have a $Trillion$ – greatest military eva – then lets us get beat by fake reports – without firing as shot!
Fagettaboutit MAGA – he made us burnt toast!