BREAKING: North Carolina Won’t Update It’s Total Vote Count Until November 12th

This is literally becoming the steal of the century America, it’s downright criminal.

According to CNBC politics, North Carolina will not update it’s vote total count until November 12th, 8 days away. It’s unbelievable.

North Carolina won’t update its total vote count until Nov. 12. The state is crucial for President Trump’s path to victory. Here are the @NBCNews numbers.

The following is from CNBC Politics.

Officials said in a public meeting that the count will largely stay the same for the next eight days because most county election boards will not start checking absentee and provisional ballots until they hold previously scheduled meetings.

The county officials cannot legally move those meetings sooner even if they wanted to, NBC reported.

You can read more from our friends at CNBC Politics.

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1 year ago

CNBC isn’t necessarily a reliable source. Has anybody checked this directly with the office of the Sec. of State of NC?