BREAKING NEWS: Twitter Has Suspended Laura Loomer Permanently

Breaking News:

Twitter has suspended conservative journalist Laura Loomer. Loomer is the 2nd largest high profile conservative figure suspended next to Alex Jones of InfoWars.

Loomer has taken the attack to the likes of Keith Ellison, the Las Vegas Shooting, and pro sharia democrat candidates across the country that have publicly stated they do not like Jews. Loomer had over 265,000 followers on Twitter when the suspension hit.

Jones who was kicked off all platforms earlier this year for his controversial style, has been banned from every major social media platform in a new ploy to censor conservative voices that don’t agree with the norm.


If they can suspend the likes of Loomer and Jones, who’s next? That question has to be pondered by conservative journalists everywhere. This is a developing story.

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3 years ago

Twitter doesn’t care… I got suspended in Jan for stating FACTS about Moslims…Twitter gave me NO options to appeal or anything.. I was on a thread that a Muslim was threatening a Woman and her family with DEATH if they didn’t convert.. I simply stated.. “See? Straight from the horses mouth.. Muslims have killed people for thousands of years and will CONTINUE to, but Libs call them the “Religion of Peace”… account deleted… BTW, they will delete ANY account she makes… they did it to me too..