BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Ilhan Omar Repeatedly Refuses To Answer Questions About Her Brother-Husband

Well folks, this is now getting interesting. New video from Keean Bexte from The Rebel shows Ilhan Omar avoiding any and all questions about her brother-husband.

Laura Loomer tried to warn us about Ilhan Omar over a year ago, and she lost her platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for doing so. What exactly is the Swamp hiding in Omar, how bad is it?

Ilhan Omar refuses to answer a simple question: Did she marry her brother? This is hugely embarrassing – the answer should be simple. It leads me to believe that the reports of her brotherly bigamy are true. Horrifying. -Keean Bexte, The Rebel

Omar now faces a new rising GOP star for a challenge to her 2020 congressional seat. Support is mounting to remove her from the House, and the GOP is determined to pour money into this district to unseat what they feel is a dangerous person to our Republic.

Amazing journalism here by Bexte. Our team has taken hell for our investigations, and for asking the questions most won’t in our case. What he’s doing is REAL Journalism. Follow him on Twitter @TheRealKeean

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3 years ago

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