BREAKING: New Epstein Death Photos Point to Evidence of Murder, Doctors Say

Some insane news coming out in the Jeffrey Epstein Murder investigation from our friends over at The Daily Mail.

Photos from Jeffery Epstein’s death point to evidence of murder, doctors say.

Epstein’s autopsy found his neck bruised/bloody & broken in several places, including the hyoid bone.

Experts say these wounds are typically associated with strangulation by wire:

“Epstein’s autopsy report found his neck had been broken in several places, including the hyoid bone.

Forensic experts previously said that breakages to that specific bone could occur when people hanged themselves but were more commonly seen in victims who had been strangled”“

“Dr Baden believes the forensic evidence released so far in Epstein’s death points more to murder & strangulation rather than suicide.

He pointed out that the noose found in Epstein’s cell did not appear to have any blood on it despite the image from his autopsy showing blood”

“Dr Baden said the wound across Epstein’s neck was more common with someone who has been strangled with a wire instead of a hanging.

He said that in most hangings, it was common for the ligature to slide up towards the jaw bone and not rest in the middle of one’s neck.”

“Dr. Baden also pointed to the multiple fractures Epstein sustained in his neck”

Dr. Baden was hired by Epstein’s family to investigate his death.

ALL QUOTES FROM @DailyMail REPORTING: Read more here

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