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BREAKING: LTC Vindman FIRED, ‘Escorted From White House’, Brother Tossed Out As Well!

The Lieutenant Colonel who many believe leaked information to the “whistleblower” has been fired by the President. His brother was told to pack his bags too.

Vindman was fired on Friday and escorted out of the White House per multiple sources close to us at The DC Patriot.

Vindman was on the National Security Council, and was the top adviser to the Ukraine. Unfortunately for him, the President, as do many Americans believe he was the leaker in the White House.

The following is from CNN:

“Vindman, the top Ukraine expert at the National Security Council, was pushed out of his role Friday months earlier than expected, according to a statement from his attorney,” CNN reported. “Vindman was not slated to leave until July, but had been telling colleagues in recent weeks he would likely leave soon. It was not his decision to leave, however, according to one person familiar with the situation.”

“We do have one remaining question which is about the future of [Alexander Vindman’s] brother, Eugene, who is an attorney for the National Security Council who we are told also walked out with Vindman today but it’s unclear if he received the same message about his services no longer being needed,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins said on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper.

Collins added: “I’m told Vindman walked out with his brother, who is an attorney for the NSC. It’s unclear if he was also fired but that was the expectation.”

Flashback to when Lt. Col Vindman said that he thought the Obama administration gave Javelins to the Ukraine in aide. He thought wrong..

The President has now removed two problems within the NSC, with several more on the chopping blocks.

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