Lori Lightfoot has officially gone off the rails. In what would surely be headline news 24/7 if it was Donald Trump as the quoted, Lori posted on Twitter what some is certainly calling for a confrontation.

Whatever Lori meant by “a call to arms,” the deranged left is going to take it to the level it is spelled at, which is a similar level to the Bernie Sanders Supporter opening fire on the republican’s congressional baseball practice.

Antifa and leftist supporters were already outside of Justice Alito’s house today, however Alito was not there. The left continues to set a dangerous precedent, and usually their supporters do turn to violence.

Pray for the SCOTUS judges. What is definitively a Constitutional issue is being turned into something the left is trying to control by political pressure and intimidation. The protests outside of the judges’ homes are illegal, however the politicians won’t enforce it (for obvious reasons).

With the election year, it is no surprise that the return of Antifa has ensued.

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