BREAKING: Letter from POTUS Attorney in Clark County, Nevada Says AT LEAST Evidence of 3,062 Fraudulent Votes, with Thousands More Expected

Things are picking up now in Nevada, as the President’s attorneys are firing legal shots across the bow.

President Trump’s attorneys now say that they have evidence of voter fraud in Clark County, Nevada as his attorneys have sent a letter to the to Mary-Ann Miller, the District Attorney for Clark County, Nevada.

According to Fox News John Roberts and a letter he provided, Shana D Weir, Esq with the Wier Law Group representing the President’s campaign have sent the following letter.

According to the letter:

We have identified 3,062 voters who moved from Nevada before the election but still cast ballots in this election.”

It continues….

Consequentially, this number will likely grow by 6,000 voters at a minimum. As you know, voter fraud is a serious crime, under federal law and state law these fraudulent ballots call into question the legitimacy and integrity of the entire Nevada general election.”

Read the full letter below from the President’s attorney in Nevada.

This is a developing story.

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Kristina Thomas
Kristina Thomas
1 year ago

Penalty for voters committing fraud with multiple votes:
$10K fine
1 year jail
Suspend drivers license
No voting for 12 years

Fuck Trump
Fuck Trump
1 year ago

No evidence. You people are scum of the earth, get educated and quit being ignorant assholes. Biden 2020💙💙💙

Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody
1 year ago

Exposing the democrat corruption was inevitable.
When Trump gets his 2nd term many of folks involved will be dealt with for this insurrection.
Biden will also be revealed as a criminal conducting bribery and extortion from his son Hunter’s laptop evidence.
Ashley, his daughter’s diary illustrates Biden’s propensity to be very perverted.
Most all of the democrat leadership as well as some republicans are going to be brought down by the vote fraud of 2020.

American Horror Story has a better show to make than their “Occult” season with this fiasco.

NV Resident
NV Resident
1 year ago

Many of the “fraudulent” addresses listed in Shana Weir’s letter were active military servicemen and women voting military absentee ballots. Working to delegitimize military absentee ballots is one of the most un-American moves I’ve heard of in a long time. Very poor work from Ms. Weir’s firm.