BREAKING: Kanye West Buying Parler Company Announces for Undisclosed Amount

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, plans to acquire Parler, a social media company like Twitter with apps in both app stores that used to be a haven for conservatives until the cancel culture and woke mob throttled them after the Jan 6 incident at the Capitol.

Parler is said to have had at one point around 20 million members, making it a major player, but has since dwindled with active users since the attacks from the leftist mainstream media, big tech giants and others that set to destroy it because it was allowing free speech.

Ye said he’s buying the platform to ensure people with conservative opinions “have the right to freely express ourselves” online.

Candance Owens husband is the current CEO of Parler, so we’re sure this decision was heavily influenced by Ye’s friendship with Owens. George Farmer is the current CEO and husband of conservative influencer and activist Candace Owens.

In a statement, Parler’s parent company Parlement Technologies said it has entered into “an agreement in principle” to sell Parler to Ye for an undisclosed amount.

  • “The proposed acquisition will assure Parler a future role in creating an uncancelable ecosystem where all voices are welcome,” the company said in a statement.
  • Under the terms of the agreement, Parler has agreed to sell fully to Ye, but Parler will continue to receive technical support from Parlement Technologies, including access to its private cloud services and its data center infrastructure.
  • Ye has already created an account on Parler, but has yet to post anything.

Parler was launched back in September of 2018 as a free speech alternative pushed by big conservative names like Dinesh D’Souza and Dan Bongino who at one time owned a large percentage of the company.

The app was de-platformed from Google and Apple’s app stores in January of 2021, following the Capitol incident, and throttling free speech in America. An absolute criminal act by big tech that has still gone unpunished. The incident of shutting down free speech is the reason Ye and Musk are both buying two major platforms.

Parler was reinstated on Apple in April of last year and it only returned to Google’s App Store last month.

Parler raised $20 million in new funding in January. The app’s founding investor, Rebekah Mercer, is a major Trump supporter and Republican donor.

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