BREAKING: John Bolton DENIED Publication Approval by White House 3 Days Before Leak!

According to a letter release by the White House, former National Security Council Head John Bolton was Denied Publication Approval by White House Three Days Before the Selected Manuscript Leak.

Anyone shocked?

It’s currently not clear if the leak came from another Never Trump holdover from the Obama administration within the White House or the Bolton camp directly.

The denial came just three days before the New York Times received a leaked copy of the manuscript according to John Roberts of Fox News.

You can read the full response from the White House to John Bolton’s legal team below.

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El Toro
El Toro
3 years ago

This makes the NYT leak serious and of national signifigance… Wow.

David Bresett
David Bresett
3 years ago

Patriots? Not sure what you sleazy motherfucker are, but you sure as fuck ain’t Patriots