BREAKING: James O’Keefe & Project Veritas go NUCLEAR on Fox 9 Following Outrageous LIES and OMISSIONS in Debunked Hit Piece

It’s amazing what the lying mainstream media continues to get by with. They’ve now slandered and lied about Project Veritas’s irrefutable reporting on Ilhan Omar’s campaigns illegal ballot harvesting.

In the video a fired up James O’Keefe unloads on Fox 9’s Tom Lyden for his lack of journalistic integrity. He literally fails to include the facts, and bases his reporting on anonymous sources unlike Project Veritas. Lyden also fails to report that despite his supposed revelations ballot harvesting is still against the law.

O’Keefe made the following statement on Twitter.

Not a chance @AOC, Project Veritas STANDS by our reporting.

We’ve issued a retraction request to @LydenFOX9 and we look forward to winning the ensuing lawsuits.

We don’t flinch, and we aren’t intimidated.

We’re over the damn target and the only coordination is in THE COVERUP!


We at The DC Patriot stand with our fellow defenders of The Republic at Project Veritas. Enough of these liberal groups lying and smearing REAL journalists and REAL investigators!

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