BREAKING: Google Ad Exec Says “Stopping right-wing parties from advertising…or REDUCING exposure” in NEW Project Veritas BOMBSHELL

Project Veritas continues to drop bombshell after bombshell in the month of October, so here we go again.

A Google Ad Executive has some quite tyrannical things to say about censoring conservatives on the platform.

BREAKING: @Google Ad Exec on possible 2020 Election Interference

“Trust & Safety is extremely left”

“STOPPING right-wing parties from advertising…or REDUCING exposure”

“Offer FREE advertising credits to Democratic Parties”

“CENSOR out news from your search” #ExposeGoogle

You can watch the bombshell video below released by James O’Keefe just moments ago.


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1 year ago

So we should bring back the fairness doctrine and require everyone to allow all sides to present their views? The republicans would never ever ever go for that. Their entire base is made of of easily manipulated people who aren’t remotely as smart as they think they are. If those people were exposed to another viewpoint than the one fed to them by the FoxNews propaganda machine, they’d be extinct in a year.