BREAKING: Fauci Reacts To Positive Coronavirus Trend; Says ‘Turnaround’ Starting THIS WEEK!

On Wednesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci addressed the coronavirus crisis fight, stating that there are “glimmers of hope” due to the fact that this week will most likely be the peak for coronavirus related deaths and the United States should see “the beginning of a turnaround” very soon.

“As you correctly reported, the number of deaths on a given day continue to increase,” Fauci said to “America’s Newsroom.” “You know, at the same time, seemingly paradoxically but not, we’re saying that we’re starting to see some glimmers of hope because the deaths generally lag by a couple of weeks behind what’s fueling the outbreak, namely the number of new cases and the number of hospitalizations. So, at the same time as we’re seeing an increase in death, like typically what we’re seeing now from New York, over the last few days, there’s been a stabilization and a decrease in the hospitalizations, admissions to intensive care and the requirements for intubations. That means that as we get further on, beyond this week, we should start to see the beginning of a turnaround, which is a good sign.”

He added, “So, you know, it’s very sobering to see the increase in deaths. And we predicted over the weekend that this would really be a bad week. And it is. It’s going to be a bad week for deaths. But driving that and ahead of that is the fact that we’re going to start to see the beginning of a turnaround. So we need to keep pushing on the mitigation strategies because there’s no doubt that that’s having a positive impact on the dynamics of the outbreak.”

Another positive development relating to COVID-19 has been the success of the Trump endorsed drug hydroxychloroquine.

According to Dr. Constantine Tsamasfyros, a Colorado family practitioner, hydroxychloroquine has been a total success as he has successfully treated multiple patients who “all did well.”

While speaking to a local CBS affiliate, Tsamasfyros explained that he prescribed his patients with the Trump endorsed drug “of hydroxychloroquine (also known as Plaquenil) and an antibiotic called azithromycin to about a dozen patients over the last few weeks.”

“They all did well,” Tsamasfyros said during the interview. “They seemed to reverse their symptoms in a day or two.”

The doctor continued by stating that he “absolutely” believes the medicine worked.

“If they’re drowning, you either pull them out of the water or at least throw them a rope to come out,” Tsamasfyros said.

Check out what CBS 4 reported:

The medication has been used for years to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. But in March, a French researcher in Marseilles, Dr. Didier Raoult, claimed he had successfully treated COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine.

Other researchers and doctors have expressed skepticism over the methodology of the French study noting a lack of controls and checks and balances. The drug can also have significant side effects and can cause fatal heart problems.

Tsamasfyros said he began prescribing it to patients with coronavirus symptoms three to four weeks ago, since there was nothing else available.

“On an outpatient basis there is really nothing to offer our patients,” Tsamasfyros said. ”Until we have something documented or better this is a fallback and we should not be depriving our patients.”

“You certainly don’t want to deprive a patient that might be drowning in an inflamed lung situation of any kind of help or assistance,” Tsamasfyros added.

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