BREAKING: DOJ CHARGES BLM Supporter Who Allegedly Stormed Capitol, Instigated Trump Supporters

A huge development in the Capitol incident has developed on your Tuesday, as a Black Lives Matter supporting activist already facing several charges for his actions on January 6 is now facing additional counts and allegedly told witnesses that he brought a bullhorn to instigate Trump supporters to attack the Capitol.

John Earle Sullivan of Utah has now been hit with weapons charges, according to new court documents filed by federal prosecutors last week and reported by The Epoch Times.

If you haven’t heard Sullivan’s name before, you’ve probably seen the footage captured by pro-Trump activist Ashli Babbit’s shooting death during the Capitol incursion, which he reportedly sold to news networks for tens of thousands of dollars.

In an absolutely sickening moment, Prosecutors say he was captured on another individuals’s recording “expressing excitement” that he had Babbit’s death on camera.

“Everybody’s gonna want this. Nobody has it. I’m selling it, I could make millions of dollars,” Sullivan was quoted as saying.

Last week, authorities sized $90,000 from Sullivan that he reportedly had been paid by multiple major news outlets for the Babbit footage.

According to the court documents, he also allegedly was heard telling someone on speakerphone, “I brought my megaphone to instigate s***. I was like, guys we’re going inside, we’re f***ing s*** up. … I’m gonna make these Trump supporters f*** all this s*** up. … But I  mean you’ll see. I have it all, I have everything, everything on camera, everything I just told you, and I mean everything. Trust me when I say my footage is worth like a million of dollars, millions of dollars. I’m holding on to that s***.”

“Hey guys, I have a knife. I have a knife. Let me up,” he was also heard saying, according to prosecutors, as well as telling Capitol Hill police officers that “there are too many people, you gotta stand down.”

Sullivan himself considered himself as a journalist on the scene who had entered the Capitol with the sole intention of filming the chaos. However an affidavit when he was initially charged for his involvement says he broke windows and encouraged protestors to enter.

“Sullivan approaches a window, also seen in the screenshot below, and states, ‘We did this s***. We took this s***.’ While at the window, a knocking noise is heard off-screen. The camera then pans to show more of the window and a broken pane can be seen that was not broken on Sullivan’s approach to the window: Sullivan can then be heard saying, ‘I broke it. My bad, my apologies. Well, they already broke a window, so, you know, I didn’t know I hit it that hard. No one got that on camera.’ Sullivan then exits the office,” the affidavit stated.

Sullivan had been in several far-left riots prior to Jan. 6, The Epoch Times noted.

Or, as prosecutors say he put it at the scene of the Capitol Hill incursion, “I am ready, bro. I’ve been to too many riots. I’ve been in so many riots.”

Sullivan wasn’t lying about rioting, he was even charged in July with rioting charges, threatening violence, and criminal mischief. He took part in an anti-police counterdemonstration to a “Back the Blue” event in Provo, Utah.

You can read more from our friends at The Western Journal.

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2 years ago

Now we just have to hope it’ll stick and Kamala won’t give him a pass.

2 years ago

About time and let there be no leniency