BREAKING: Whose Foreign Money Did Obama Use to Spy on General Flynn & Trump Campaign?

Whose foreign funds did the Obama Administration use to pay Stefan Halper to spy on General Flynn and the Trump campaign?

That’s a question that you won’t find in the mainstream media today, and we’d like to know why? Everyone is well aware of Halper’s spying activities with Carter Page and George Papadopoulos as reported in the Daily Caller.

But the real question isn’t was he an FBI informant, we already know that answer is a resounding yes. The real question that needs to be asked is who funded it? Where did the money come from to pay this FBI Informant to spy on a political campaign of an opposing party?

A Russian academic who worked at Cambridge with the informant, Stefan Halper, said he made “false allegations” about her interactions with former national security adviser Michael Flynn at an event the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS) hosted in February 2014.

Halper’s claim in December 2016 that Russians infiltrated CIS has also been called “absurd” by Christopher Andrew, the official historian for MI5 and head of CIS, the Financial Times reported.

Meanwhile, Halper made contact with Trump campaign advisers Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Sam Clovis during the campaign to gather intelligence about their involvement with Russia. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: A London Meeting Before The Campaign Aroused Papadopoulos’s Suspicions)

It was revealed that Halper, a veteran of three Republican administrations, was a longtime CIA and FBI source who provided information that has been used in the FBI and special counsel’s investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Cambridge Prof With CIA, MI6 Ties Met With Trump Adviser During Campaign, Beyond)

Halper had a variety of contracts with the Department of Defense Office of NET Assessment. One of our Investigators working on this, had this to add below via Twitter.

From Sept ‘2016 to May of ‘2018 Halper was under contract with foreign funding. How does that tie in with his actions during and after the campaign? Furthermore he continued to contact and communicate with Carter Page, those communications went all the way into the Fall of 2017.

Are we having foreign funding being filtered through our Department of Defense from other countries to fund Stephan Halper’s ‘Research Projects’ for him to spy and ‘inform’ on US citizens?

Is there anything worse than filtering and funding spies through foreign funds through our Department of Defense, to spy and defame Patriots who’ve given their entire lives to serving America.

We’re hardly the only ones who have noticed.



As you can see Halper’s contracts not only have foreign funding, but they also went through extremely late updates in the contracting system.


There is a direct correlation between contracts that have foreign funding, and those that underwent extremely late updates within the contracting system. The ones marked in red show periods which underwent an update over 1,000 days after it was delivered. In other words the contract was paid for and in place, somebody backtracked and made changes.


Halper is not himself under a Justice Department investigation. Instead, the agency ordered the Office of the Inspector General to investigate the FBI’s use of Halper as a confidential informant to make contact with Trump campaign advisers.

The question needs to be asked. Whose foreign funds did the Obama Administration use to pay FBI Informants to spy on Trump Campaign officials and ruin the life of an American hero in General Michael Flynn?

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3 years ago

Matt, how can I blow those images up? or can you direct me to where they came from?(I’m assuming DOD or DOS records? After reading the Flynn “sentencing” I’m not sure that Halper had anything to do with Flynn; however, I am
still very curious regarding Halper. I knew he was under some contract……but FOREIGN funding? WTH?