BREAKING: Denver Democrat Party Exec Committee Member Says “Violence” and “Guillotines Motherf**ker” to Win the 2020 Elections

Well look what we have here, another Project Veritas BOMSHELL is upon us. This time we have a member of the Democratic Party of Denver, Colorado’s executive committee and Our Revolution Chair Kristopher Jacks discussing what he thinks is needed to win the 2020 elections. It’s a doozy.

The Democrats are literally preaching and advocating for violence in the streets in order to win the 2020 elections. We’ve reported it here at The DC Patriot, and James O’Keefe and his amazing team continue to pound the pavement proving to you what the Democrat party and the insane leftists are truly up to in America.

Check these statements out from Jacks:

“2020 is a political revolution”

“Want to change this country, with violence…there’s only one way to do it.”

“Guillotines motherf**ker”

“Killing random Nazis in the street”

As I’m writing this article, Twitter is censoring the hell out of Project Veritas and trying to help silence this information, Here’s O’Keefe’s latest tweet as I’m writing.

UNBELIEVABLE! @Twitter has already removed the auto-complete for #ArmedRevolution! Keep tweeting. We are winning.

Veritas made this tweet moments ago as well firing shots at the mainstream media who are furious that Veritas keeps outing their favorite socialists.

For all MSM “journalists” that want to falsely claim “deceptive editing” Be sure to explain what Kris Jacks meant when he said “It’s truly killing random Nazis in the street” and that he would “Lie, cheat, and steal” to win the election


Ridiculous right?

What are your thoughts America? When will the mainstream media keep giving these monsters a free pass?

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Richard Jorgensen
Richard Jorgensen
2 years ago

Bring it yourself punk, My kiss of death awaits your arrival.