BREAKING: Democrats DERAIL Coronavirus Bill AGAIN for 2nd Time!

This is getting out of hand as tens of millions of Americans are suffering, and millions of small businesses are going under day by day, the Democrats are yet again playing partisan politics.

It got heated on the Senate Floor Monday afternoon as lawmakers viscerally clashed on camera over phase three of a coronavirus response package.

McConnell stormed to the Senate floor and said “mindless obstruction” and says the Democrats are trying to drag this out for days. He also stated Democrats’ list of demands keeps getting “longer and longer.”

The Democrats are arguing $1 Trillion does too much for large corporations and not enough for workers. However Republicans accuse them of playing politics and using the Coronavirus crisis as leverage to try and jam through unrelated political wish list’ of items concerning climate change and more.

“The country is burning, and your side wants to play political games,” Senate Majority Whip John Thune said.

He added..

“It is time to get this done. The American people expect us to act, they need action. We need to get this done for the American people.”

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Mirsini Errikou
Mirsini Errikou
3 years ago

Are you guys nuts? What climate change? The virus is knocking on our doors and you are playing politics again? On the other hand, you have got the vaccine! Why don’t you give it to your citizens FOR FREE?