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BREAKING: Deleted Tweets of Federal Agent Who Hates President Trump & Who Interrogated USPS Whistleblower REVEALED

Well look what we have here… That’s right the same Federal Agent who Interrogated the USPS Whistleblower has massive anti-President Trump bias, and tried deleting his tweets.

Don’t worry, our friends at Project Veritas found them for you!

Did we forget to mention that Federal Agent Russell Strasser who interrogated and used coercion tactics on @USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins also runs an Anti-Trump burner account @TitansFanJeff?

But wait there’s more!

The Twitter Account for Federal Agent of the IG Office Russell Strasser is @TitansFanJeff

Russell deleted all of his photos off of his Twitter after we released the full audio of the interrogation.

Russell “trying to twist you” “scare you” are an embarrassment to the badge

Here’s just a few of the screen shots Project Veritas released.

We will keep you updated from the latest drops from Project Veritas right here at The DC Patriot.

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Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
23 days ago

I sincerely hope this FBI joker was relieved of his duties.

What a swampy douche bag!!

23 days ago

Well, technically, I found the first pro-Biden tweet sent by Strasser and did a screen shot. Then I sent it to James O’Keefe.


[…] BREAKING: Deleted Tweets of Federal Agent Who Hates President Trump & Who Interrogated USPS Whis… […]

Big Daddy
Big Daddy
22 days ago

Russell Strasser is a traitor.

mike grunewald
mike grunewald
21 days ago

I hope this bastard dies fuckin FBI needs a house cleaning I hope you ass holes call me I will tape you

20 days ago

Anyone have the VIDEO of fella showing Trump Absentee Ballots by the thousands in emptied USPS semi trailers parked at the incinerator or burn plant? Can’t seem to find it, thought it was on RUMBLE?

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