BREAKING: Biden Appeared to be Wearing a Wire at Debate! Wire or Shirt Wrinkle? You Decide

During Tuesday night’s debate, Joe Biden appeared to be “wired up” even though his podium was equipped with a mic.

However, fact-checkers are saying it’s a “shirt crease”.

Which is it? Look below and decide for yourself….

A Twitter user posted the following video and it’s beginning to make the rounds on social media.

There it is. There it is! Biden’s wearing a wire. Why do you need a wire, bro? You’ve got a mic“, the video creator says.

Watch below:

What do you think America?

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1 year ago

That is not a wire, it is a wrinkle in his shirt.

Thomas Weaver
Thomas Weaver
1 year ago

Believe it to be a wire but under the shirt.