Brad Bauman a Crisis Fixer under Obama White House as well


Uncovered by one of America First Media’s best, the one and only Truth in Government this evening. It appears Brad Bauman has more skeletons in his closet. Brad Bauman, known as The Crisis Fixer hired by the DNC and put with the family of Seth Rich. Bauman claims he’s working Pro Bono, however we know better, and so do the American people.

Bauman was also a Crisis Fixer when White House Staffer Jake Brewer was “accidentally” struck by a vehicle while riding his Bike in a race. Brewer was riding his bike in the 160 Mile Ride to Conquer Cancer event in September of 2015. Now what would make Jake Brewer need a Crisis Fixer?


Brad Bauman was assigned to the family of Seth Rich one day after Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange mentioned Rich’s name unprompted on August 10th, 2016 on a Dutch TV Program. It’s highly coincidental that this man’s name is also being represented by the one and only Brad Bauman.

America First Media has now added another blip to our radar in our Investigations towards the unsolved murder of Seth Rich. The House of cards continues to cover up, destroy evidence, and do everything in their power to not tell the truth.

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