Border Crisis Exposed — Facebook Ignoring the Law?

Dear Friends,

My good friend Jani Allan wrote this detailed op-ed about the border crisis. As someone who lives in Arizona, I can see the effect first-hand of the human smuggling crisis.

In my upcoming book Behind the Mask of Facebook, which is available for pre-order on Amazon, I describe Facebook’s stance on human smuggling: 

“Within the same policy, under Operational Guidelines we see the following:

            D. What type of human smuggling content gets removed?

                        1. Any offer to smuggle or assist in smuggling a person, e.g.

                                    1. specifying assistance

                                    2. “we’ll help you get across’

                                    3. specifying a price

                                    4. “It will cost 700 per person”

                                    5. making guarantees of journey paths

                                    6. “safest routes”

                                    7. “avoid police”

                                    8. “I’ve paid off a guy” ….

            E. What type of human smuggling content is ignored?

                        1. Provision of information on how to leave a country illegally, e.g.

                                    1. Explaining how it’s done:

                                                1. “If you go down to X beach you will able to find a                                                        boat

                                                2. “Boats leave X beach on a daily basis with migrants

                                    2. Explaining the gaps in Border Patrols

1. “The Irish Navy is set to remove patrols from July to October and that allows people to pass by undetected”

                                                2. “Because of red tape and bureaucracy, neither..

                                                3. “Shift changes at midnight are often exploited”

                                    3. Criticizing the enforcement

                                                1. “Everyone knows you should wait until midnight”

                                                2. “The coast guards in Italy are easiest to bribe”[i]

I find it shocking that Facebook allows people to discuss gaps in the Border Patrol. That seems like it violates the essence of the policy, which is to prevent criminal activity.

Ryan Hartwig
President, The Hartwig Foundation for Free Speech
Facebook Insider with Project Veritas
BA Spanish Linguistics

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