BOOM! Roger Stone UNLOADS on “Dirty Judge” and Democrats on Parler

As you know by now Roger Stone is a free man in America thanks to President Trump commuting his ridiculous sentence late Friday evening.

Stone, never one to pull punches or mince words unloaded this morning on the social media platform Parler, hammering those that accused him and tried to ruin his life.

Late Friday night stone made his first remarks about the pardoning on Parler.

My deepest appreciation to President Donald J Trump for his extraordinary act of mercy and justice in commuting my sentence in the politically motivated set up by Robert Mueller’s dirty cops! #RogerStoneDidNothingWrong

Then Stone unloaded on those that tried to destroy his livelihood.

Good morning to everyone except Jerry Nadler Adam Schiff Natasha Bertrand Marshall Cohen Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. You lose. #commutation #rogerstonedidnothingwrong”

Stone continued his barrage, this time going after crooked Judge Amy Jackson.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s clerks actively pressuring Twitter to take down any posts critical of the deranged, tyrannical jurist, and to deplatform people who post them. Kind of like Nazi book-burning.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a shit stain on the American judiciary system.

#DirtyJudge #CrazyJudge #CrookedClerks

Then he fired off another thank you to the Commander in Chief for commuting him just a few minutes ago.

It’s amazing to me how mad liberals are about the Stone Commuting. They win everything, and never get any push back. You’re seeing now why President Donald Trump won the 2016 election. Because he’s fearless, he has balls, and he doesn’t care what the spoiled brats in America think.

FYI, those spoiled brats are known as Democrats.

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You’re really stupid
You’re really stupid
2 years ago

Imagine being as stupid as you are.

clive hoskin
clive hoskin
2 years ago

That put a smile on my face to see all the DemocRATS seething at President Trump for letting Roger Stone off the hook.MAGA.

Kimberly Mae Johnson
Kimberly Mae Johnson
2 years ago

I prayed for you Roger and jumped up off the couch clapping loudly when Pres. Trump did this.I mean how in hell did this happen in the first place!? U can’t go to jail over a fake crime in the first place. So happy 4 u. I wish I were there to give u a high 5 and party with you all.