BOOM! Obama Administration Told DOJ Not to Charge Hillary Clinton

Another bombshell in the fake Russian dossier saga, as Congressman John Ratcliffe tweeted that Lisa Page stated the Obama Administration was pressing the Department of Justice to not prosecute Hillary Clinton.

United States Representative John Ratcliffe (R-TX) tweeted late Tuesday that, according to former Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer Lisa Page, President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice was influencing the FBI’s investigation into the Hillary Clinton classified email investigation.

“Lisa Page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information,” Ratcliffe tweeted.

“The newly released transcripts of my interview with Lisa Page indicate that Peter Strzok had no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia prior to the launch of the FBI and special counsel investigations into the matter,” said Ratcliffe.

The more this investigation goes on, it’s apparent there was never any Russian collusion to begin with. The Mueller report will be out soon, and it looks as though the Democrats have agreed impeachment isn’t going to happen.

This week Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff both said Impeachment isn’t likely, and not the best route to go.

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2 years ago

Ratcliffe is a nutjob whose own Republican Senate told trump they wouldn’t confirm him as the Director of National Intelligence because he’s so partisan and stupid that he would lie for trump, leaving the Congress in the dark about security threats – not that they give a hoot about the current threat to our entire system of elections. If Page said that, it would be on the only thing the media talked about for weeks, except for impeachment. Ratcliffe, like every single Republican who spoke during any of the public hearings on impeachment, is a blatant liar. Despite testimony that… Read more »

Robin Alberti
Robin Alberti
2 years ago

Because they know they are guilty and not Hillary.. same reason Nancy backed out of impeachment. They got caught lying and they know it! It’s that simple!