BOOM! Nick Sandmann Sues Washington Post for $250 Million

The first shots have officially been fired. With the help of his Attorney’s Nick Sandmann has filed suit against The Washington Post.

The Post, along with other liberal media outlets made it a mission to try to destroy the lives of innocent minors over a red MAGA hat.

You can read the full document above via drop box from Sandmann’s lead attorney Lin Wood.

This is the first of many lawsuits coming for the mainstream media who made it their mission to viciously attack a group of high school teenagers, minors, all because they have an agenda against the President of the United States.

Wood stated, ” Washington Post recklessly ignored basic journalist standards because it was eager to advance its biased agenda against @realDonaldTrump by impugning individuals perceived to be his supporters. Nick Sandmann was perceived as an easy target. He is 16. Inexcusable on every level. “

“In this country, our society is dedicated to protecting children regardless of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, or the caps they wear. Washington Post did not care about protecting Nick Sandmann. The Post just cared about being the first & loudest media bully. “

Wood heads up a powerhouse team of attorneys that are going after the Washington Post for what they did to Sandmann and other students.

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