BOMBSHELL: Seth Rich Investigated by FBI & DOJ Lawsuit Shows in Court Filings

It’s an interesting conundrum of information in the Seth Rich Murder Investigations. 

Mums the word, and everything is being blocked at all levels of government. 

I’ve been working on the Seth Rich Murder for almost 3 years now. We’ve been told time and time again that the FBI and Department of Justice never investigated the Seth Rich murder.

So what changed?

One thing that’s happened recently is good ole Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News who created a 6 part “Conspiracy Land” series to slander me in my quest for the truth in the Investigation. 

However Isikoff has made claims that that not only did U.S. Attorney Deborah Sines investigate Seth Rich, but so did the FBI, although Isikoff even claims that former Deputy Director of the FBI Andy McCabe — now a commentator on CNN even though he had already been taken to task for his “lack of candor” — looked into the Seth Rich murder, only to conclude “there’s no there there.” Whether McCabe was telling the full story only time will tell.   

Here’s the language from Isikoff as quoted in a recent court filing aimed at getting the FBI to disclose any information in its possession relating to Seth Rich–of which, if Isikoff is to be believed, there must be some

In August of 2019, Michael Isikoff of Yahoo!News published the fifth episode of “Conspiracyland,” a podcast series about the murder of Seth Rich, and in that episode he interviewed former Asst. U.S. Attorney Deborah Sines. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia had assigned Ms. Hines to investigate the murder of Mr. Rich, and a full copy of the interview can be found at– Politics-Podcasts/Conspiracyland-p1231856/?topicId=132591823

In Episode 5, Mr. Isikoff discussed a Fox News report that the FBI had copies of communications between Seth Rich and Wikileaks:

Isikoff: “As soon as she heard the [Fox News] story, Sines reached out to the FBI.” 

Sines: “Of course I did. Of course I did.”

Isikoff: “And what did they tell you?” 

Sines: “No.”

Isikoff: “No.”

Sines: “No. No connection between Seth and Wikileaks. And there was no evidence on his work computer of him downloading and disseminating things from the DNC.”

Isikoff: “As it turned out, there was one sliver of truth in the Fox story. The FBI had been examining Seth’s computer, not for any ties to the DNC emails or Wikileaks, but because they saw unusual activity by a foreign hacker after his death.”

Sines: “There were allegations that someone, maybe more than one person, was trying to invade Seth’s Gmail account and set up a separate account after Seth was murdered, and the FBI was looking into that. I presumed they were trying to create a fake Gmail account or get into Seth’s Gmail account so they could dump false information in there.

Isikoff: “So just to be clear, the FBI had only investigated an attempt to hack into Seth Rich’s email when they saw activity after he died. When we contacted the Bureau’s Washington Field Office, a spokesperson said it had never opened an investigation into the DNC staffer’s death, pointing out that the FBI had no jurisdiction over local crimes. Andrew McCabe, the Bureau’s acting director at the time, told us something else. He had personally reached out to his agents when he heard the Seth Rich conspiracy stories and was informed there was nothing to them. There was no ‘there’ there, McCabe said he was told.” (emphasis in original court filing).

The FBI continues to claim they have no documents relating to Seth Rich.  So how is it that Isikoff claims that multiple sources told him the FBI was involved? Seems pretty clear someone isn’t telling the truth. Is it the FBI? Or is it Michael Isikoff? Or is it both? 

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Greg Burton
3 years ago

Your headline is a bit confusing. Did the FBI state they investigated Rich’s DNC and emails were investigated?

EXCLUSIVE: Despite Prior FBI Statements that Seth Rich’s DNC Computer and Emails Were Investigated, FBI Now Claims in FOIA Request that No Related Docs Exist

3 years ago

You have been on it. White on rice. Stink on shit. Hillary and Bill in that shit

3 years ago

Ummmm has anyone talked to Johnheretohelp? He layed the whole thing out for all of us on utube! He was murdered by MS 13 gang thugs, at the request and with the help of the govt.! Someone named Rosie??

3 years ago

we all know what happened, the TV dinner-tray-crowd are buffoons !

Joseph Friday
Joseph Friday
3 years ago

Whatever it’s “legitimate” functions, The Eff Bee Eye was the domestic coverup arm of the deep state, period, full stop. That may be changing somewhat now, but it was the fully active and effective reality in summer 2016.


[…] BOMBSHELL: Seth Rich Investigated by FBI & DOJ Lawsuit Shows in Court Filings […]