BOMBSHELL REPORT: China Stops Testing & Shortens Quarantines, Which is Reason for No New Cases

According to Japanese media outlets it’s not Houston we have a problem. It’s China we have a problem.

As you know the United States Mainstream Media continues to report that China has no new cases day after day. Well there’s a reason for that. The fact that our own media is reporting this from China who never tells the truth should alarm every single American, regardless of party affiliation.

According to Lo Kin-Hei the Vice Chair of the Hong Kong Democrats Party, Japanese media outlets interviewed a doctors in Wuhan, China and what they were told is not good.

“Report by @appledaily_hk , Japanese news outlet interviewed Wuhan doctors, and confirmed Wuhan has stopped testing, that is why new case = 0 there. They release people in quarantine early too. 華本土零感染 日媒揭造假 指習訪武漢後停測試 鄂瘋傳禁通報確診

The following is from the News Outlet Hong Kong Daily:

“The National Health Commission of the Mainland claimed that 39 new cases of Wuhan pneumonia were confirmed the day before yesterday, but all of them were imported from abroad. There have been no new confirmed cases in the country for two consecutive days. However, Japanese media Kyodo quoted Wuhan doctors as saying that authorities had suspended some tests, official figures were unreliable, and a second wave of outbreaks appeared at any time.”

“The doctor quoted by Kyodo News Agency said that the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping had visited Wuhan earlier, and the number of local diagnoses of Wuhan pneumonia was officially “manipulated.” Many symptomatic patients were suddenly released without isolation for less than 14 days, as a sign of “Xi Jinping’s government successfully repelled the epidemic.” 

The doctor also pointed out that the method of detecting patients with fever and other symptoms has been simplified, and it is not allowed to continue using blood tests to check whether the patients are completely cured. Therefore, “a large number of suspected patients return to society without completing treatment.” 

The doctor emphasized that “the government’s records cannot be believed” and he was worried that another wave of outbreaks would occur. Another Wuhan doctor also tweeted that “the hospital also suspends the admission of patients and started a 14-day vacation.” She said: “I have been emphasizing with people around me that if the seal is unblocked, it only means that you have to go to work, not any Other meanings. ”

This is absolutely horrific news out of China.

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