BOMBSHELL: Project Veritas BUSTS Arizona Democrat Senate Candidates Gun Control Agenda “Trying to be elected…then he’ll implement the (gun)measures”

Project Veritas has done it again. A new bombshell undercover video released by James O’Keefe on Sunday night shows a telling story of the Democrat Senate candidate trying to flip a seat in Washington.

O’Keefe tweeted the following Sunday night, and released the part 1 video below.

BREAKING PART 1: @CaptMarkKelly deceives AZ voters on true gun agenda “I don’t think he’s fully been out there saying like ‘I want a full gun control type measure” “Trying to be elected…then he’ll implement the (gun)measures” “I’m defaming my campaign right now” #Expose2020

The video is shocking, and telling. Captain Mark Kelly according to his staffers isn’t being honest with Arizona voters. Watch the full video below.

@CaptMarkKelly‘s extreme stance on the Second Amendment is not exactly a secret; however, his campaign has pushed hard to try to hide those views from voters”

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