BOMBSHELL! Nancy Pelosi & Husband Invested $500K to 1M in CrowdStrike, Firm That Accused Russia of Hacking the DNC

Well Well Well… Look what we have here.. The DNC and the Democrats corruption in America continues. New documents and disclosures show that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Husband Paul invested $500,000 to $1 Million in the Cyber Security firm CrowdStrike.

According to a report, the Pelosis are now heavily invested in the firm CrowdStrike. As many of you know, CrowdStrike was the firm that in 2018 publicly accused Russia of hacking the Democratic National Committee and then stealing it’s data.

As many of you know, I’m being sued for investigating the murder of Seth Rich, and of course this news is just more icing on the cake that a cover up is in America.

The Hillary Clinton campaign seized on the CrowdStrike campaign by accusing Russia of meddling in the election to help now President Donald Trump. As you know, none of that was even remotely true as more and more intel reports and shows.

Now we’re a little more than three weeks from another presidential election, and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats national leader is at it again. This time an opportunity to invest in CrowdStrike. In recent financial disclosures found by Aaron Mate at Real Clear Investigations, The House Speaker and her husband Paul, have invested up to $1 million in CrowdStrike holdings.

According to Mate’s investigation, the Pelosis purchased the stock at a share of $129.25 on Sept 3. According to Mate, the stock at the time of his report was at $142.97.

In a statement Mate received from Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hammill, the spokesman said, “Speaker Pelosi is not involved in her husband’s investments and was not aware of the investment until required filing was made. Mr. Pelosi is a private investor and has investments in a number of publicly traded companies. The Speaker fully complies with House Rules and the relevant statutory requirements.”

You can read more from our friend Aaron Mate over at

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1 year ago

I don’t believe Pelosi’s husband does anything that she hasn’t approved.


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