BOMBSHELL: CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Clapper Lied Under Oath

In a scathing new report that came out over the weekend from The Epoch Times, they’ve caused quite a riff between CNNs Jake Tapper And Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The following comment on Twitter from The Epoch Times Set Tapper off.

#Comey’s interview with @JakeTapper was somewhat farcical as #Clapper had personally briefed Tapper about the Comey-Trump meeting almost immediately after it occurred. We know this from findings contained within the House’s Final Report on Russian Active Measures:

Which prompted this response from Tapper:

“No he hadn’t. That’s a lie. I never spoke to him or communicated with him in any way until I interviewed him on air in May 2017. I get that your publication carries water for people in power, but try sticking to facts and doing basic research”

Apparently Tapper was unfamiliar with the former Intelligence heads testimony under oath where he says he told Tapper.

The Epoch Times then obliterated Tapper with this response:

“Dear Mr. Tapper, thank you for reaching out. We cite the House Intelligence Committee’s Report on Russian Active Measures, which cites then-DNI James Clapper as saying he talked with you about the Steele dossier.”

Someone isn’t telling the truth, now we wonder who that might be?

It’s pretty simple. Either you’re lying about speaking to him Jake, or you’re saying that Clapper lied under oath to Congress (again)?

Business is about to pick up 🙂

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Don McCoy
Don McCoy
3 years ago

I love it…ANOTHER “BOMBSHELL!” report which, like all the rest of the “BOMBSHELL!” reports tells us stuff we already know and breaks the SAME news we’ve heard for months or even YEARS! And the breathlessly awaited result? NOTHING! That’s right…anyone paying attention ALREADY knows that this newest “BOMBSHELL!” report of previously known “news” will result in NOTHING AT ALL which even resembles accountability let alone Justice for Clapper or anyone else involved in the failed coup.

Gen Eric
Gen Eric
3 years ago

Wake me when they start hanging the traitors who tried to impeach president Trump. Until then every ‘bombshell’ is another big yawn of frustration fatigue.