BOMBSHELL: CDC Says 94% of ALL Covid-19 Deaths Had Underlying Medical Conditions

The narrative for the mainstream media and the democrats has officially fallen apart. The CDC has now dropped some bombshell news and updates that blows the entire Covid-19 narrative completely out of the water.

The Centers for Disease Control released information showing how many people who died from COVID-19 had underlying medical conditions that attributed to their death.

From the CDC:

“Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average there were 2.6 additional conditions per death.

That means that there were almost THREE, that’s right THREE other conditions on top of COVID-19 for 94% of the Covid-19 deaths reported in America. This is unbelievable, and definitely not something that the mainstream media wants to report on.

The Top underlying conditions linked with Covid-19 deaths.

*Influenza and pneumonia

*Respiratory Failure

*Hypertensive disease


*Vascular and Unspecified Dementia

*Cardiac Arrest

*Heart Failure

*Renal Failure

*Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning, and other adverse events.

*Other medical conditions

According to the CDC 9,683 died in the United States with only have Covid-19 listed on their death certificates.

You can read the entire report from the CDC HERE.

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Ann (Walton)
Ann (Walton)
1 year ago

I thought it was 50%. Wow those F’n lying scum

Marilyn Curtis
Marilyn Curtis
1 year ago

there is truth out there from experts showing the tests are not finding a disease at all. Our own bodies excrete the colds, flu, etc that are caused from within ourselves. They explain it much better than I just did but I see it from several experts. Also, good doctors will treat with known therapeutic medicines, the symptoms being exhibited by their patient. The ‘tests’ being used to diagnose were not designed for that purpose.

Rose Smith
Rose Smith
1 year ago

And Nancy still talks about how 200,000 people died from Covid. This is sickening. 94% of people were killed, in my opinion. Purposely denied any and all treatment and told to stay home!!! It was happening right in front of our eyes. 🤮