Bobby Jeffries Launches “Let’s Bring America Back” Campaign for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania – A New Breed of Conservatives is Emerging

Up and coming Conservative influencer Bobby Jeffries has officially launched his bid for United States Senate in the great state of Pennsylvania.

Bobby, a fiery and passionate speaker who is young and doesn’t fit the stigma of Washington, D.C. is running for the Senate Seat of RINO (Republican in Name Only) Pat Toomey.

Jeffries officially launched the “Let’s Bring America Back” campaign on Wednesday afternoon.

“We can no longer depend on career politicians whose brand of politics is anything goes, nothing gets done, and the people are forgotten once they take office. We need a new generation of leadership, of true public servants, who are beholden only to the will of the American people.”

Jeffries is a new breed of conservatives who is against the establishment in the GOP, and looks to bring a new breed that fights for the rights of all Americans, not just the elites in the party.

“Who are committed to secure borders, law and order, a dynamic economy, who practice common sense conservative solutions, who practice America First policies.”

We at The DC Patriot strongly endorse Bobby Jeffries for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania. These are the kind of candidates that we have to have in order to Bring America Back!

Watch Bobby’s Campaign Video Launch Below:

You can support Bobby’s campaign at and we encourage you to do so. We must eliminate the RINO’s in Washington, D.C.

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Matt, it is sites like yours with endorsements (I will take your word on it) on real conservative candidates that give me hope for the future of this country.

That and a healthy dose of maintaining the filibuster.