Blake Masters, the COO at Thiel Capital and president of the Thiel Foundation, announced Monday on Twitter he is challenging Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly for his Senate seat.

Masters, who portrays himself as a supporter of working-class Americans while talking about immigration and critical race theory said, “Our leaders have shipped millions of jobs to China, and the internet, which was supposed to give us an awesome future, is instead being used to shut us up.  We are up against a media that lies to us, schools that teach our kids to hate our country, and corporations that have gotten so big, they think they’re bigger than America.”

“It’s time to put this country first. It’s time to enforce the law, and we need to finish the wall,” he said. “We gotta build an economy where you can afford to raise a family on one single income.”

In a press release to The Hill and according to The Hill, Masters said, “This country used to work.  Now it doesn’t.  The Biden Administration is a train wreck, and Mark Kelly is nowhere to be found.  We have to take this seat, and the U.S. Senate, back.”

Thiel has contributed $10 million to Masters’ campaign, according to the Hill.  Masters has previously raised more than $3 million to elect Republicans to the Arizona State Legislature through a political action committee in 2020.

Masters will compete in the primary against Republicans like State Attorney General Mark Bmovich and former general of the Arizona National Guard Michel McGuire, according to The Hill.

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