Black Rifle Coffee Blocks Competitor Beard Vet Coffee & Other Critics After Bashing Patriots “It’s such a repugnant group of people.” In NYT Article

Black Rifle Coffee is reeling on social media and blocking competitors like veteran owned Beard Vet Coffee who gives back to veterans with every purchase, as well as blocking any conservative voices who challenge them on their latest tirade of insults towards conservatives and Patriots in America.

In a recent New York Times article as pointed out by our friend Andy NGO below, Black Rifle took massive shots at its customer base, and it’s going over like a lead Twinkie.

“It’s such a repugnant group of people.”

The executives behind @blckriflecoffee, a coffee and lifestyle brand hugely popular with conservatives, has some choice words to describe part of its customer base.…

But wait there’s more! Look at what Black Rifle Coffee was Retweeting.. they seemed awfully proud of their New York Times article and wrote up bashing conservatives.

We spoke to the owner of Beard Vet to get a comment on the blocking from Black Rifle Coffee. “They must’ve woke up and drank a big mug of stupid before deciding they would interview with the Fake News New York Times”

“I guess it was all an act supporting Freedom and The United States of America?!!!”

Co-Owner of Beard Vet Sean George said

What are your thoughts America? Can you support a brand that says you’re “repugnant?”

I won’t, visit my friends at and use code MATT to Save! There’s an old saying my Grandpa used to say. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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Michael E Zeigler
Michael E Zeigler
10 months ago

BRCC has basically said ty for making us rich patriots but you are really trash. Basically a rug pull like in crypto.