Black Friday Sales DOWN 28%, Cyber Monday Sales Drop for First Time in History, Let’s Go Brandon!

The Joe Biden economy is rocking like a hurricane, and yes were being totally sarcastic America.

Black Friday sales were down an abysmal 28%, and Cyber Monday sales dropped for the first time in history, as the Biden economy and lack of consumer trust unloaded on retailers in store and online.

Black Friday sales were down 28.3% from pre-pandemic levels in 2019, absolutely horrific. Cyber Monday sales with literally the first drop in history, here’s the link.

The financial pundits tried to spin it, intending to protect the Biden Administration, included talking points that U.S. consumers decided to make their holiday purchases earlier this year, a laughable notion since it’s never happened in our nations history.

The same narrative was used to explain the drop in Cyber Monday sales: “Shoppers nationwide spent nearly $11 billion on digital sales on Cyber Monday, a tracking firm said — a decrease of 1.4% from last year and the first decline ever for a major shopping holiday.” […] “It spread out e-commerce spending across the months of October and November.”  There’s virtually no limit to how the financial media will avoid identifying the real motive for declining sales, inflation and the lack of disposable income.

Now some folks may have shopped early, but people do that every year. You can’t say a 28.3% drop was because folks were “shopping early.” These people think you’re stupid America.

If you believe this nonsense, I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona just for you!

Thanks to our friends at Conservative Tree House for contributing to this article.

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