BIZARRO WORLD: New York Times Names Fetterman Among its “93 Most Stylish People of 2022”

In one of the most moronic and biased moves we’ve ever seen, The New York Times named bumbling John Fetterman as one of its “93 Most Stylish People of 2022.”

Fetterman, one of the most confused and laughable characters in modern memory pushed by the Democrats against Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race, couldn’t even speak in complete sentences and wore hoodies for most of his campaign.

The New York Post further reported:

“No, not [John Fetterman]!! Recount!!!,” the senator-elect’s wife Gisele Fetterman wrote on Twitter Monday, reacting in disbelief to the accolade.

The news outlet feted Fetterman, whose usual attire on the campaign trail involved a hoodie, basketball shorts, and sneakers, as a lawmaker that “is going to bring Carhartt to the Capitol,” a reference to the US workwear apparel company.

“Total liberal bias, [the New York Times]⁩!” Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) jokingly wrote on Twitter. “I not only have the best hair in Congress, but I brought [Carhartt⁩] to Capitol Hill four years ago.” 

“How does [the New York Times] justify putting John Fetterman on the same list as the late Queen Elizabeth?” Sheridan Nolen, a staffer for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), said on Twitter.

“What is ⁦[the New York Times] smoking?” Nachama Soloveichik, a DC political consultant, wrote incredulously. 

Others on social media took the opportunity to take shots at Fetterman himself for his sartorial choices.

“No one can possibly believe Fetterman is actually stylish. He dresses like someone who hangs out around a vape shop or convenience store all day,” author John Hawkins wrote in a tweet. 

“2022 is the year of the Goblin Mode. Dress up like a slob and make the NYT’s list of most stylish people,” Journalist Ian Miles Cheong mused.

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The outgoing Pennsylvania lieutenant governor wasn’t the only Beltway-type or political leader to make the list. 

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson also made the list with the paper citing her personal ornaments as standout accessories.

“The newest Supreme Court justice has brought statement necklaces to the Marble Palace,” the New York Times said. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has “it,” according to the New York Times style desk, and made the top 93 as well.

“Call it ‘swagger’ (as he has), call it style: Either way, there’s no denying the Party Mayor’s got it, along with a closet full of impeccably tailored suits,” the paper wrote. 

While Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t make the list, her stepdaughter Ella Emhoff did,  with the paper playing up her “cartoonish personal style.”  

“Not even the orbit of the buttoned-up White House, where Ms. Emhoff’s stepmother works as vice president, could pull the knitwear designer and IMG model away from her cartoonish personal style,” The New York Times wrote.

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