BISMAL: Biden Regime Misses Jobs Goal by Almost 500,000 Jobs, U.S. Economy in Downward Spiral Now

In a day that saw the New York Federal Reserve cancel their GDP tracking model because of how bad consumer optimism is, the Biden Regime, that’s what we’re now calling them at The DC Patriot, as they choose to rule the American people instead of giving them a choice and a voice, missed job predictions by almost 500,000 jobs.

It was a terrible day, one of the worst in the last few decades for America’s economy.

The U.S. economy added just 235,000 new jobs in August, a dismal and horrific result that fell way below the bar economists’ predicted of 720,000 new hires for the month.

The media was quick to blame the Delta variant, claim that folks were scared to go back to work, and that companies were afraid to hire people, etc. Instead of just saying the facts which is that the Biden Regime absolutely sucks at trying to run America.

Some industries like professional and business jobs, and warehouse jobs, recorded moderate gains, but leisure and hospitality jobs, which had been recovering rapidly until now, have stalled out. About 5.6 million people gave pandemic related excuses for why they couldn’t work. Translation, if you’re dumb enough to pay me more to sit at home on my ass, I’ll gladly do that instead of work you buffoons in our government. The 5.6 million excuse makers was up 400,000 over the previous months excuse makers. Boy, this thing is derailing fast, isn’t it?

The unemployment rate supposedly dropped from 5.4 percent to 5.2 percent. However they won’t tell you that the Black unemployment rate is now 8.8%, soaring compared to when Trump was President.

Buckle up America, it’s about to get rough under the idiots in charge in Washington, D.C.

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Kristie Wittry
Kristie Wittry
1 year ago

“Bismal”? Do you mean, “abysmal”? What’s happened to the English language?