Bill Maher Disgustingly Mocks Bible & Christians as Dems Claim “Religious Right” Are a Threat to America

This should come as no shock to many of you. The leftists media and the radical democrats hate Christianity and America. The all out assault on free speech and religious Liberty in America has a new name. Now it’s called domestic terrorism, because how dare you stand up for your rights.

Bill Maher is the latest mouthpiece from the Left who’s attempting to smear conservative American Christians based on the bad behaviors of a small fringe group of conservatives who were mixed with Antifa antagonists at the Capitol on January 6.

On his HBO show, Maher recently said, “As long as we’re going to go to the trouble of another impeachment trial, we might as well be honest about what it’s really about. The events of Jan. 6 were a faith-based initiative.”

Maher, who’s a loud mouthed and outspoken atheist went on to belittle Christians and attack the Bible as “magic” and then tried to tie the QAnon movement to those with Christian beliefs.

“Have you ever read the book of Revelations? That’s the Bible. That’s your holy book Christians,” Maher said as he taunted and mocked religious believers.

“Magical religious thinking is a virus, and QAnon is just its current mutation,” he argued, broadly maligning and grossly interpreting all religious beliefs together.

When it comes to those on the right who be mine in the QAnon conspiracy theory, there is no legitimate connection to Christianity or biblical beliefs. They do encourage prayer, loving your country, and that evil lurks on the side of the media and Democrats in office. At this point that’s pretty hard to argue isn’t it?

Now while none of what the QAnon movement has claimed has come to pass yet, that didn’t stop Maher from attacking and trying to tie the movement to anyone who is a Christian.

Still, Maher claimed without any proof, “When you’re a QAnon fanatic, you’re also a fundamentalist Christian.”

Really Bill? So those with basic Christian values in America also must believe and be a part of this QAnon movement? I’m a staunch Christian, I’m not a preacher but I’m a believer. I’ve never followed QAnon. So did I just debunk you’re entire blasphemous brain dead theory?

Maher repeatedly and ignorantly insulted the tens of millions of believers in Jesus Christ in America who don’t believe in radical conspiracy theories. But Maher doesn’t care about that does he? He ended his rhetoric and commentary by telling Christians, “f*** your feelings.”

I’ll end this with saying I hope Bill finds Jesus, repents, and understands how broken her truly is. I’ll end my commentary with this Bill, God Bless You!

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11 months ago

I think Bill is going to be really surprised a couple of seconds after his last breath!

10 months ago

At the minute Bill Maher takes his last breath, he will stand before God (and make no mistake about it, he WiLL) and give an account for his reasoning of his belief or non belief in Jesus. It is my sincere hope that he prays for forgiveness and repents of his blasphemy. Eternity is a VERY LONG TIME.
You are right about one thing. JESUS WINS.