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Bill Gates: “You Don’t Have a Choice… Vaccinate the Entire Population”

An interview from the Financial Times with Bill Gates from April 9, 2020 is making it’s rounds again across the internet.

In the interview, Gates claims that everyone must be vaccinated to combat the coronavirus for normalcy to return in the United States.

“You don’t have a choice…” Gates said during the interview. “Normalcy only returns when we largely vaccinate the entire population.”

The so-called “experts” have been under great criticism in recent months about their personal interests when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday evening for example, Fox News show host Tucker Carlson grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling him a “fraud” for his responses to Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan during a recent hearing.

“Jordan grilled Fauci during a heated House subcommittee hearing exchange Friday on whether ongoing protests and demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd should be treated the same as churches in some states and banned to curb the spread of coronavirus,” the Daily Caller reports.

Carlson played a video clip of the exchange between Jordan and Fauci and then compared the clip to comments Fauci has made in the past.

“Oh, so he is willing to weigh in on specific responses,” Carlson said. “Government responses. What a fraud this guy is. Put on your mask. Get off your powerboat. Put on some goggles. Do it for public health. By the way, the consequences don’t matter. They are just inconveniences.”

“Oh, we just have to do it. Really?” Carlson questioned.

“Fauci is 79, but maybe if he had like 22-year-old kids who were trying to make their way in this world in an economy that is headed down the tubes thanks largely to his recommendations, he would feel differently,” Carlson blasted. “It’s not merely an inconvenience when your economy collapses. It’s the end of the American Dream. That’s not a small thing. Maybe it’s worth it. Maybe it’s not, but if it is, then you probably shouldn’t take a pass on the question, are protests and riots okay? Unless you’re a total fraud, like a complete fraud.”


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6 months ago

FUCK YOU GATES and your Vaccine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 months ago

How does Bill Gates have anything to do or say about this? He’s no doctor, no scientist, no pharmacist, nobody but an evil selfish rich nerd that should be shut up and kept out if this situation. “Hey Bill Gates, in reference to a stadium, I would love to go to a stadium if I could see a fight between you and any real American family working man. Until then shut the f@ck up!” A man should not be measured by their money! Just because he’s rich he can buy a PhD???

Linda Callihoo
Linda Callihoo
6 months ago

I pray we will start with you first Bill Gates and your loved ones. T and only then we will talk !
I seen that you said you would not vaccine your family, which they said this was a lie. Yeah Right!!
Quit playing GOD ! You will be judged !!

6 months ago

Our country is so infected with either American Communists, or people who are brain washed to hate Trump. Authoritarian Govts create a crisis that must be overcome, so people look to Transition Govt to fix problem. We have Hate Trump, Economic Suicide, no school, no church, election “scare,” inequality, police suck, and that’s quite a few issues. I know virus is virus, but at this point I could believe some Commie here worked with Commies in China to “encourage” the virus. L

6 months ago

Why is no one discussing Gates vaccine history, his HIV vaccine trials across Africa and elsewhere increased the spread of HIV/ AIDS, his attempt at HPV vaccine caused autoimmune disorders, infertility and death to girls in India. Despite original polio vaccine eradicating virtually all polio across the world, Gates decided the world needed a new polio vaccine, it’s since been proven the new most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines. In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a trial of a GSK’s… Read more »

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