BIG TECH STRIKES AGAIN: Freedom First Network Founder Jeff Dornik Suspended by Twitter Over Vaccine Articles

Big tech censorship is running rampant yet again as Twitter has suspended the founder of the Freedom First Network over his companies articles and shows from high level guests and their investigations and reporting into the controversial Covid-19 vaccines.

Jeff Dornik, the founder of the Freedom First Network has been suspended after sharing interviews and articles related to Covid-19 that the big tech hierarchy deemed “misinformation” because they don’t like the facts.

Dornik sent us the following message that he received from Twitter:

Who determines what’s false information? Tech nerds? This is absurd, and it’s even further reason why a large number of Americans do not trust the tyrannical jab mandates.

We hope that Dornik appeals and wins, for sues. This is just another prime example of the Big Tech overlords tyrannical overreach and dominance in this space to push the Covid-19 narrative.

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