BIG TECH: Judge, Jury, & Executioner of Free Speech in America

Good afternoon,
Big Tech has decided to become the judge, jury, and executioner for anything they deem to be “misinformation” or “all of a sudden against their community guidelines.”
This time, YouTube has SUSPENDED The Hill’s main account for seven days after their morning show, Rising, featured a clip of President Trump discussing the 2020 elections.
YouTube takes away the ability to discuss and report the news by scrubbing healthy discourse off their platform. What makes this especially rich? The reporters featured in the clips that YouTube flagged, openly disagreed with what President Trump said.
Big Tech cannot help themselves when it comes to censoring conversations they deem controversial or may inspire people to speak their minds.

This is INSANITY! Aren’t you tired of Big Tech’s unjust “grounds for suspension”?! WE ARE!
Unlike Big Tech, GETTR encourages you to share stories and to share your independent thoughts with the community. We welcome independent thought, real journalism, and the ability to discuss the news from every side.
BE THE MEDIA! Share your thoughts and the stories happening in your community on GETTR today!
Thank you, 
The GETTR Team
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